This is the part where I tell you what this blog is about! I am a Kenyan Journalism student whose mind tends to wander and weave through the world in a semi-poetic fashion. This space is a place where I share a special part of me – my words.


I have a tendency to write out my thoughts and creative writing specifically is a platform which allows me to play around with words in a non conventional way, which is perhaps why I love it so much. Hence, I have a ‘Poetry’ and ‘Story Time’ section. Feel free to share your views on my writing through your comments, they are much appreciated by this newbie wordsmith.

Despite being born into generation Y, I am very interested in history. According to me, our past has a precedence on our future and it inadvertently affects our present. In ‘What’s up world’ you will find posts about things happening currently in the global scene as well as my perspective on it.

As for the ‘Random Corner’ and ‘Picture Perfect’ – These allow me to rant, rave, reflect and post pictures to my hearts content!

As a student of journalism it is evident that I like to write, but the idea of broadcast fascinates me equally. I work as a Radio Presenter at a local radio station in Nairobi. I look forward to interacting with bloggers and readers who share my interests and learning more from you through your comments and blogs.

My philosophy? Let your dream guide you on your journey and you will never tread the wrong path.

Welcome dear internet user, and happy reading 🙂


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