My Take


I love to do it all alone. Make it all happen. Have everything on my plate and chew through with the efficiency of a culinary connoisseur. But, that’s not really the way the world works.

Another adult lesson I have learn’t, nine months after leaving the womb of university life, is that you need a mentor. But, the idea seemed so formal to me in the beginning. Looking back, I realize I have had great people who have guided me through so many challenges. Be that in my studies or in the workplace. Never did I look at them as “mentors”, but more as friends, advisors and “big sisters and brothers”.

That’s where we get it twisted.

A mentor does not need to be a 50 year old tycoon in a given industry. Mentors, as I have come to understand it, are people with experience in your area of interest. You can pick up the phone and ask them the most basic questions without fear of judgment. Something like, “So, how much salary should I ask for?!” Let’s be real, that is a tough one. You would like to say a million Kenya shillings net, but somehow the figure always ends up way less. Β Economy and whatever!

Anyway, I met up with one of my mentors recently and he had some real pearls of wisdom I thought I should share. Now, as a hyperactive 23 year old with dreams the size of boulders, I tend to be all over the place sometimes. Experimenting with radio, YouTube, blogging, possibly some TV (stay tuned) and more can get overwhelming. And you need to schedule “me time”. Find the balance and all that idealistic life stuff.

However, he said, you can think of it like this. In your 20’s you are essentially building a tool box. All of the jobs you do, the experiences you have, are meant to help you acquire different tools. When you put them all together from these diverse areas, you are able to know exactly what you can do and where you want to go. **mind blown** Literally.

I have a terrible habit of chastising myself for not knowing EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO GO. It’s a question always running at the back of my mind.

Photo / Vector Toons

Perhaps, I am just building that tool box. One bolt at a time.




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