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Boxes and ticks

Fill a form. Make an application. Create an online profile. Sign up for a marriage website.

Everywhere you turn, there are boxes to be ticked. They may appear tiny on paper, but have such huge implications. Recently, I have been grappling with self-definition. Whether that has to do with working in radio, creating a YouTube channel (maalika101) or writing a blog. Every facet requires you to know you and what part of you, is being put on display.

Almost every blogging advice website will tell you to define your niche. So, are you a fashion blogger? Do you write fiction or non fiction? If you are giving advice on pet care, is it home pet care or stray? Wow.

How about this – Β as a human, I have many sides to myself. Unlike a coin, almost like a decagon. But severely more complex. A ten-faced shape can hardly be contained comfortably in a square box. But, each outlet that promises to be a creative expression advocate, tries to define you in black and white.

It took me a long time to realize that I need not stifle one part of myself to let another breathe. I do not have to contain myself in a definition that is easy and simple for the world to understand at a glance. Mystery is not a deal breaker, variety is not a vice.

Let each of your parts be free. Only then, will you feel truly liberated.



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