Dear words, take me in. Drown me tonight in your depths. Take me with you, where you may. Shall we travel to the castle of Hogwarts? Or dine with the vampires at Twilight?

Let me soak in the essence of stories so rich that the real world is merely mundane in comparison. The pages breathe life and move with the thrum of the universe they create.

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Apocalyptic eyes meet mine as I wander deep through the forest of phrases. Magic wands and fairly dust whip me into a frenzy, because the real magician weaves words into a web of pure gold.

Finding the erotic flame within as I discover my fifty shades of submissive yearning. The screen does not match the images so richly painted in my minds eye, as I trudged further into the palace of proverbial barrage.

Bewitching. Enchanting. Enacting a time of lore.

There is no place, no place, like the temple of chapters which a book doth behold.


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