Swinging on the edge. Too scared to soar for the brightest lights, too determined to settle for the darkness. Too unsure to choose a path, yet certain enough not to settle for any that comes by. But when the sunlight catches her just right – oh my… how she shines!

A diamond in the rough, cut to be a different gem. Unique from all the B grade chaff, she knows she can bring a change. A revolution of thought, determined will, setting her sights too high. Where people can’t reach and she loses sleep thinking it’s all a lie.

Confusion engulfs, threatens to drown. Downpour of emotion, crowding now. Seeking her path in the barren ground, where, oh where can it be found?


Photo / Maalika Kazia

They say time will tell. Go with anything for now!

But don’t they understand? There is no time for her to browse. It’s a do or die. Now or never kind of situation. ClichΓ© but yet, oh so severe.

Gathering her wits as she scatters her mind, trying to hold onto some direction. Lost in thought, she begins to climb. Yet she knows not where she goes and where she will end up – this time around.