Little Toes

Little toes

and tiny feet

Wriggling beneath his blankety

Mama’s boy through and through

But he loves Daddy too

This little man is pure joy

Look now, its a baby boy!


Photo /Β e2ua.com

My Take


It is April 2016. My birthday month!

Birthdays are a funny event in the life cycle of a human. Another year gone by in the process of transforming from a baby to a wise elder. Personally, I am not so big on the whole extravagant birthday party. What I remember most distinctly when the topic comes up is the smell of smoke when the candles atop the cake are blown out, mixed with the sweet scent of icing (and the taste of cake – who doesn’t love that?!). It is a pleasant thought.

Inevitably, I ask myself this question each year on April 15th – What have I accomplished this year? And what can I do with the next one.

My 21st year on this blue and green planet is coming to an end. It has been a roller coaster of many emotions, experiences and memories.

The first thing which has transformed within me this year is my focus in life. My idea of what I want to be. As an “all-figured-out” twenty year old, I had thought I knew exactly what I wanted. And I went for it.But this past year truly changed all that. Such that, as I sit here I am not even sure about which chocolate I am craving (crunchy, nutty, or both??) or my favorite color (perhaps rainbow).

I used to consider myself a “non-workouter”. As in, I do NOT need exercise. But you know what? I began working out a few weeks ago. Just to feel healthy, gain some tone and relieve stress. And I have absolutely fallen in love with it. The downside is admittedly the soreness in my arms as I type this. It just hit me – Transformation is painful. Although, there is an undertone of joy in it. As uncomfortable as one may feel when or after doing something, that event is building you up.

Similarly to working out – You tear your muscles so they can rebuild. Note:- I am not a verified gym instructor… Yet πŸ˜‰

If tearing yourself up can lead to building a better you then it has to be worth something. However, when life tests us with the most painful of situations it can be hard to see this. Such events change us as time moves forth. And eventually, we have learn more lessons than our gray hairs can convey.

Transformation is not painless. Maybe that’s why it works…?


Photo / http://www.tumblr.com