Rock solid will

Defiance in the face of defeat

Stronger than a storm

Lethal as can be

Yet supple and soft

Warm as a summers day

A cool shade to rest your head

When everything else is in disarray

I am… Woman

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Taking on every obstacle

With a graceful smile

Breaking barriers to mental segregation

Equality must be redefined

Lithe and hungry

Always at the go

Bearer of life

Harbor of maternal repose

I am… Woman


Fateful Fantasies

What will you be?

Asked the caterpillar to the bee


Well I will make honey

That’s me!


But what of me?

Thought Caterpillar –

Distressed and Distraught

What can I make of myself now?


Patience and faith go a long way –

Advised Bee

What’s your dream asked he


To fly, to soar, to catch the wind in my pores

But I have no wings you see

Flying? Not me!

Patience, reminded Bee


So caterpillar built a cocoon to keep busy

While his dream was always burning within

Soon he was encased in his creation

Snug and warm, patient as ever

Dreaming of wings beautiful and strong

Yearning to hear the winds song

His energy and might

Transformed him as if overnight

A mighty butterfly he became

As was written time and again, by fate

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We will stay


We create our life from the love we share

Build a beautiful home and love on in there

Start a family some day too –

But first, it’s all about me and you

Keep you close through every singly day

Cherish our love every second of the way

You and I?

Together forever we will stay