Cold is the heart which lies empty at night

Lonely are its chambers

Blood runs chilly through the portal vein

Pumping in icy coagulations

A little bit of love will warm it up

Get the heaters going

Keep the blood thick and hot

Molten and burning

But cold is the heart which lies empty at night

Devoid of love

Photo / vi.sualize.us



Candy apples

Cherry pies

Creamy delicacies

All such a delight

Oozing with sweet satisfaction

What clever concoctions

Temptation is upon us

Women are told to resist –

Stay weary of the sweet, sticky treats

Your indulgence will be criminal they say

Watch the pounds

Beware of the kilos!

Keep sound

Salad is your hero


Nay I say

Tonight I’m saying –

Shed the size zero obsession

Let me at that buttery confection!

Photo / www.lovethispic.com



When the lights are gone

And the world finally sits still

The sands of time seem to halt

As silence befalls the earth


Back to a simpler time we turn

When televisions weren’t constantly burnt

When the sun provided light enough for our sustenance

As it signaled dawn and dusk


A simpler time

Of moon dance and star light

Of mindful observation –

no Internet connection


When the lights are gone

The world reverts to a simpler time

A time of wonderment at the tranquil thrum of life

Photo / www.ufunk.net



Green will

Rough and course, hewn of fiber
Standing tall and towering

With fragile green flying about at its tips
creating a cacophony to accompany the wind

Blooms of pretty pink flowers it nestles within
Brown of stature and sometimes white with wear

There stands the tree –
Brave of heart and heavy with pure green will


Photo /  1ms.net