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Taking stock

Its that time of the year again where you sit by the fireplace and contemplate how much further you have come while walking the path of life. Taking stock, some may say. Evaluating where you stand and where you plan to be.

A few days ago I went through that process. I have to admit, while I was surprised at how many career enhancing moments I could count – I was terrified after realizing how much I had neglected my health. Basically my main complaints against my own health regiment include the kind of diet I indulge in (70% junk) and not exercising. However, this year I did one more thing to harm myself – neglecting my mental health. Essentially, I was unable to carve out enough time to detox my mind every now and then from the stress bug.

Somewhere along the way, running between classes and other commitments I lost the opportunity to care for myself. Dedicating even twenty minutes a day to yoga or meditation may have prevented the total burn out I faced towards the end of 2015.

Am I happy with what I have achieved? Most certainly. It gives me great joy.

But, does the sacrifice seem 100% worth it? That is the question I am struggling with as I writeΒ this.

We all become caught up with trying to be the best in the field we choose to work in, to have the best material life possible and pushing ourselves to achieve our goals. While I was busy doing these things I forgot to take out a few minutes every day to reflect on what has transpired – and what I have learnt from it. To give myself a breather and not think about stressful situations.

As I go into the new year, I have made changes to allow myself the opportunity to have that room. Putting aside the fear of falling behind I realize that I set the pace of my journey – no one else. I decide how fast or slow I want to drive and which stops on the way are worth it.

What does your stock taking reveal? It may surprise you!

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