Photo / angelinespeaks.com

There is so much I want to say

Too much I need to convey

Can you read my eyes today?

Do you see my lips quiver

With the excitement I restrain

Shackle and chain

Nagging every vein

A million thoughts scatter through my brain

Running a mock in disarray

How to explain what this feeling is


Wrapped around my body

A skin encasing my spirit

Preventing me from being me

Roping in my heart

What can I say?

When all I hear from within

Is a little voice saying

Dont even begin

But a smaller cry rings inside

Cooing slowly


I am worthy

I am good enough

I am pretty

And I can be tough

Let me shine

Because I deserve to

Let me out into the sunshine

For everybody to admire

Today that little voice is winning slightly

And each day it glows a little more brightly


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