Photo courtesy / wallpaper222.com

With hooded eyes and heavy heart,

Staring into the distance

So far apart

From the world around

Taking strides to build a future

But she sees not all the effort

It is always “you didnt do this”

Or “you never do that”

Just once in a while

Maybe a pat on the back

And a genuine smile

Perhaps bitterness and misunderstanding

Are ever hanging clouds lying on their relationship

Both expecting too much

In turn recieving nothing

Oh Dear one

How do I tell you?

Everything I am is because of you

I do look to create a world that is great

So you can be happy and safe

But oh Dear

Its time I move on

And forgive myself all the wrong

Its time I breathe and live for me

Its time I spread my wings

And experience ecstacy

But I ask –

Will you fly with me?


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