Weave away through the moonlit way

That night was a beautiful one indeed. The stars were shining bright and the moon was winking down at the boy and girl as they strode off. Nobody would come for a walk this late at night. Nobody but these two young people. The watchmen up ahead at the gate did not know what to think of it when the car pulled into the complex. The area had a hall where functions were held, some offices, a library and a big field surrounded by a walking track which was free of grass.

It was certainly chilly that October night in Nairobi. Kenya has long rain and short rain seasons, but around August and thereafter it gets extremely cold and temperatures can lower to almost twelve degrees on some nights.

This weather made her shiver as she walked ahead of the boy. She was elated however, as the cold wind swept through her freshly chopped locks. He wasn’t very pleased she had decided to cut her long hair into a boyish bob. He loved how she smiled and her laugh made him giddy with pleasure. With so much energy just waiting to seep out, she took to the track and walked fast. He called for her to slow down and enjoy the moment as he brought up the rear. She waited for him to catch up as a tingle of excitement rose within her heart.

Photo courtesy / fineartamerica.com

Together they went on and she was hoping he would take her hand. He was too nervous to come any closer. Suddenly the clouds parted and a spot light shone down upon the world, bathing the entire field in a silver glow. The moon had come to say hello. They walked towards a bench and he instructed her to stand atop the structure and look up at the white orb hanging in the sky above them, nestled comfortably in a blanket of stars. It was the most romantic experience she had ever had.

Yet, Jason did not make a move. He was watchful of her. Protective. At the same time he did not want to scare her off or frighten her by moving in too fast. There was much respect, admiration and love that he fostered in his heart for Maya. She was just too nervous to think about the moon much and so she decided to continue walking.

Halfway down the track Jason told Maya to kneel beside him as he showed her a building which resembled a captain’s hat from that angle. He was sure to kiss her now, she thought! But up they rose and on they went until they came back to the beginning of the track after going around full circle. They decided to stay a while and sit on some benches. Jason attempted to try and put his arm around her. As soon as he raised his arm slightly Maya’s cell phone began to buzz. Mother was calling. It was time to leave the romantic night behind and head on home.


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