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Humanity – A musing

Drunken nights and happy days. That’s all we seem to seek today. “Stay in it’s a bad world out there.” We were warned now weren’t we? The rush to chase dreams was too juicy and ripe to abandon.Biting into the wanderlust was heaven.

But alas the world may not be what it seems. Strong morals and picket fences are but an illusion. Chaos rules and conquers. Do you ever wonder, that maybe one of our ancestors did conspire. Let us create faith and invent evil. Let us set rules to abate defiance.

An airbrushed universe and made up, filtered faces we seek. To escape the harsh truth of reality. Obsessing over celebrities. They seem to represent the ultimate fantasy.A life of rebellious freedom and carefree ways. A distant desire of elusive days.

Take a chance with life and dance to the tune it belts. Sing along to the rhythm and hop, step, clap. “Dance” sings the puppet master pulling at your strings.


8 thoughts on “Humanity – A musing

    1. I actually had a lot of thoughts to put into words and this is what happened. The most consice way I could express at 3am πŸ˜€


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