She was ready for a journey. A journey which would take her to the ultimate destination – herself. Could there be any other way to truly let your soul free from its bondage’s then travel? “Hop onto the train!” he called from up ahead, beckoning her with his outstretched hand. The rate at which her heart was thumping against her chest was phenomenal. With cat-like impulse she lunged forward chasing the train in its steamy wake. “Let’s go have an adventure”, thought Morena.

The rumbling grate of the moving train forced Morena awake. But her ears detected another sound too. Evening had fallen overhead and the sky was overcast in a murky purple haze speckled with the last golden rays of the dying sun. Thunder clapped in the clouds midst ensuring that everyone below was aware of its presence. The nap had worn the girl out entirely and panic sensed that this was the time to pounce on her unsuspectingly.

Had she lost her mind? How could she have trusted a total stranger? What would he do with her once they arrived at their destination? Above all – Where was this train heading? It was time to dig. And dig deep. But before Morena planned her next move, the compartment door slid open and in stepped the stranger. The first thing that captured her attention was the smile he wore like a shield of sorts. It was a wry leer bordering on malice. But something about his eyes gave him away. There was warmth in those steely baby blues. An exultant sense of infinite hope emitted from him. “Here you go” said Kadir, handing Morena a warm cup of tea. The girl had no idea what she was in for.

Kadir took a seat across form Morena and folded his hands against his wide chest. Appraising the girl, he considered her to be around twenty. She would fetch a good price at the market. Only fools rejected fresh meat and she was just ripened to perfection. All of a sudden the girl looked up and took off the hat which had been shielding her eyes. Within the same moment, the thunder rumbled overhead sending tumults of fear into Morena’s heart. Her warm copper eyes grew wide in terror and her mouth was left agape. Kadir sat stunned. It would take a lot more than thunder to shake this man. But the girls gaze left him staggered. She was beautiful.

Left at the station alone and cold sat Morena. As luck would have it, Kadir had left her on a bench where an abandoned cell phone lay. Just as the clock struck twelve indicating midnight had chimed in, Bagdash came into view. Relief swept over the pair as their eyes met. His bride had been found and his future secured once more. Never would he let her out of his protective gaze again. Never would he give her a reason to flee. Everyday would be an adventure. Because with her, his life was complete. Finally, Morena felt the same.


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