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Jambo Mr.President

The son of Kenya, the reason for national pride, the claimant of highest respect and admiration is set to grace his fatherland. Joyous preparations, ferocious excitement and widespread news about President Barrack Obama’s visit to Kenya splatter papers, TV screens and social media websites. Where do I stand?


It’s a mixed bundle of feelings which I am experiencing. Kenya playing host to one of the most influential global personalities in the world today is something to be proud off. Whether he will tour the entire country, visiting each distant cousin of his that ever cropped up is doubtful. I am excited about the fact that he is attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Lack of entrepreneurial encouragement has been cited as one of the reasons that the Kenyan shilling has dropped in value against the buff and tough dollar. The economical implications could have been positive if exporting of goods was more prominent than the grand number of imports. Essentially, we need to produce locally and consume more homemade products. After all, mothers cooking is the best.

As a Kenyan University student I am constantly stunned at the ideas that my fellow classmates and the general student population comes up with. They are brimming with ideas, be it in the creative genres or within the business block. I was initially flabbergasted to see the immense number of students who hold full-time jobs and cater for their own education, attending evening and Saturday lectures. In fact I shared a class with a lady who was married, had a child and was pursuing a Bachelors in marketing too. This simply shows us how hard-working the youth of Kenya is and the desire for education and progress which majority of us harbor.

So dear Mr.President I am not going to ask that you visit my home for some ugali, chapati, githeri or sukuma wiki. I will ask that you aid in fulfilling the dreams of young Kenyan entrepreneurs who are deserving of all the help you can give. No my begging bowl is not out stretched because I know my country can function self-sufficiently. But your experience, motivation, infrastructural support and promotion can do wonders. Do enjoy the smooth roads and patches of newly laid grass which have been curated for your eyes to see. Kenya is beautiful. But it is not just the roads that make it so, it is the people who have paved them.


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