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When inspiration strikes

The sun was high up in the sky sending down showers of hot, golden light as I sat here a few hours ago, typing away a poem which was on my mind. I clicked on the “Publish” button and an orange circle immediately appeared over the little bell icon symbolising notifications. WordPress congratulated me for publishing a certain number of posts thus far. Wow! And how!?

I began my venture into the blogosphere roughly two months ago. Today I viewed my blog and saw the archives had a folder for May, June and July 2015, summing up my time in this virtual world. Having already shared with you my journey with writing (Β ), I would like to tell you more about where I stand today.


In the beginning, I found writing a blog very daunting indeed. There are Kenyan bloggers who receive awards at ceremonies for their work and blogs whichΒ have millions of followers. Would I be able to hack it was the question in my mind. One evening I just signed up with WordPress, pausing the over thinking button which has been inbuilt in my brain. I named my blog and put on my explorer boots. The world of WordPress was awaiting. Post after post came to my mind as I went about my days. Inspiration struck hard and heavy taking its own sweet time. Topics would float into my thoughts and I jotted them down onto a sticky note which is ever open on the desktop of my laptop. I have come to realise that writing a blog is actually my way of gaining confidence in the words which I have to give. This blog is my trial, my error, my teacher and my friend. It is a helping hand, a guide and a diary too. I think it helps me grow a lot more than I help it! Truly, my creative spirit has found a home.

My journey would not have been as fruitful without advice I read on other blogs or the WordPress “blogging101” forum which taught me the coolest tricks and tips. Also, just spending time exploring different themes (I have probably changed mine 28 times now), widgets, color schemes and more became an obsession at some point. I am very satisfied with the look for now!Β It was well worth all the hours and trials.


Fortunately and unfortunately I am going into the last year of my undergraduate degree studies in Journalism. This is great because I am closer to completing my education and stepping into the “real world”. In all honesty this one makes me excited but nervous. Unfortunately, the assignments are piling up like a stack of banana’s which are ripened and ready to rot. This monkey is not hungry! With all this happening and work too, it is tougher to carve out time to blog. There are so many ideas on my sticky note which are awaiting execution. I do intend to do each one justice in time.

Well, enough procrastination. That presentation is not going to make itself! Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to all those who follow my blog and view it. I intend to keep writing and growing, bringing you better things by and by.

I will see you next when inspiration strikes again!





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