Maya – Chapter 2

Catalus looked at his daughter in alarm at first but his expression gradually turned to one of superior resignation.

“No Maya. No. There is no other option. They have gone too far and must suffer the consequences. They breed nothing but a hunger for power and thirst for wealth. In their “infinite superiority” they have forgotten the Father and his bounties. What have they achieved? Nothing. They may think that their so-called science and technology has earned them the right to call themselves wise and powerful but they are sorely mistaken. Their fickle inventions have barely scraped the surface of how much power can be harnessed and unearthed from the universe. And what is it that their machines help them do? Connect with one another at a superficial level? All these things are just to make their lives easier – to help them do menial tasks which they are now too lazy to perform. They have used natural selection to churn out more and more dim-witted, wealth-obsessed and shallow beings of their own race.

Sweet Mother Nature provides green vitality and abundance yet these fools seek rocks and soil to satisfy their desires. Concrete caves are all they construct, without giving a second thought to the greenery they eradicate in order to do this. If they were half as intelligent as they thought they are, then they would turn to Mother Nature’s bounties and use those to satisfy their insatiable need for energy. They are far too stupid to be able to understand how much pure and raw power can be harnessed from a simple blade of grass. The have taken her gifts, her kindness and her patience for granted – and now she is paying the price. But soon… they will. That is the cyclic nature of the universe my child. The actions you take towards all things shall transpire upon you eventually too. That is the way of the universe and the will of the Father.

Mother Nature is the Supreme in charge of planet earth. She has done everything in her power in order to make it a planet which can be comfortably inhabited. She wove the atmosphere with its many layers around the planet. She filled it with water and land. She did so much to take care of all the creatures the Father chose to place on this planet. Yet – look at them. Ungrateful, insolent and foolish beings! Humans are nothing but a curse that has marred Earth. Nothing but a curse. They have no sense and no conviction. They lack patience and resignation. They are nothing but a bunch of audacious creatures who have earned what is destined for them – and that it all.”

“But father –”

“No Maya. It is a fate sealed.”

Maya returned to her chambers walking with no certain zeal or direction. As she sat on her bed all she could think of were her friends. What of kind Charles and sweet, sweet Magdalene? What of their dreams? What of their lives? Her soul panted with pain as she imagined their dead, pale faces lying in a heap upon the earth’s surface. No this could not happen – she wouldn’t let it. Amaseela would know what to do and Maya would have to find her mother and convince her that the humans deserved a chance. Just one more chance.

Meanwhile, the blue planet floated on, peacefully unaware.


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