Spring forth

Crouch low

Take a deep breath and lunge


Majestic being

Graceful even

Sauntering in the savannah

Ferocious growl

Quivering jaw

Bloodied by the luscious hunt

Wait, hold on

Here turn the tables

The strike of an arrow

The pain of betrayal

Death awaits at the door

Crowning glory of the pride

King of Kings

No longer there to roar into the night

And send threats asunder

The pain you bore

Makes our hearts sore

Rest in peace dear one

We shall fight

For every creature has one right

The right to life



She was ready for a journey. A journey which would take her to the ultimate destination – herself. Could there be any other way to truly let your soul free from its bondage’s then travel? “Hop onto the train!” he called from up ahead, beckoning her with his outstretched hand. The rate at which her heart was thumping against her chest was phenomenal. With cat-like impulse she lunged forward chasing the train in its steamy wake. “Let’s go have an adventure”, thought Morena.

The rumbling grate of the moving train forced Morena awake. But her ears detected another sound too. Evening had fallen overhead and the sky was overcast in a murky purple haze speckled with the last golden rays of the dying sun. Thunder clapped in the clouds midst ensuring that everyone below was aware of its presence. The nap had worn the girl out entirely and panic sensed that this was the time to pounce on her unsuspectingly.

Had she lost her mind? How could she have trusted a total stranger? What would he do with her once they arrived at their destination? Above all – Where was this train heading? It was time to dig. And dig deep. But before Morena planned her next move, the compartment door slid open and in stepped the stranger. The first thing that captured her attention was the smile he wore like a shield of sorts. It was a wry leer bordering on malice. But something about his eyes gave him away. There was warmth in those steely baby blues. An exultant sense of infinite hope emitted from him. “Here you go” said Kadir, handing Morena a warm cup of tea. The girl had no idea what she was in for.

Kadir took a seat across form Morena and folded his hands against his wide chest. Appraising the girl, he considered her to be around twenty. She would fetch a good price at the market. Only fools rejected fresh meat and she was just ripened to perfection. All of a sudden the girl looked up and took off the hat which had been shielding her eyes. Within the same moment, the thunder rumbled overhead sending tumults of fear into Morena’s heart. Her warm copper eyes grew wide in terror and her mouth was left agape. Kadir sat stunned. It would take a lot more than thunder to shake this man. But the girls gaze left him staggered. She was beautiful.

Left at the station alone and cold sat Morena. As luck would have it, Kadir had left her on a bench where an abandoned cell phone lay. Just as the clock struck twelve indicating midnight had chimed in, Bagdash came into view. Relief swept over the pair as their eyes met. His bride had been found and his future secured once more. Never would he let her out of his protective gaze again. Never would he give her a reason to flee. Everyday would be an adventure. Because with her, his life was complete. Finally, Morena felt the same.


Dear Wanderer

And then I think to myself

Oh seeker of freedom, what is it you truly seek?

What is this novelty which you desire; that in your environment cannot transpire?

How is it that you find something so lacking on the outside?

When in reality what is missing is from the inside.

Let your eyes rove the horizon Wanderer;

And set upon the rising sun – Which glows astonishingly each day

No matter from which corner of the world, see it you may.

It calls to you does it not Wanderer?

It says: Here I am, can you not see?

I do not seem to want to go anywhere –

For at once – I am everywhere

Let your inner spirit loose dearest Wanderer

For it will set you free…

It will shine through the entire globe

In one moment of pure ecstasy.

My Take

Jambo Mr.President

The son of Kenya, the reason for national pride, the claimant of highest respect and admiration is set to grace his fatherland. Joyous preparations, ferocious excitement and widespread news about President Barrack Obama’s visit to Kenya splatter papers, TV screens and social media websites. Where do I stand?


It’s a mixed bundle of feelings which I am experiencing. Kenya playing host to one of the most influential global personalities in the world today is something to be proud off. Whether he will tour the entire country, visiting each distant cousin of his that ever cropped up is doubtful. I am excited about the fact that he is attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Lack of entrepreneurial encouragement has been cited as one of the reasons that the Kenyan shilling has dropped in value against the buff and tough dollar. The economical implications could have been positive if exporting of goods was more prominent than the grand number of imports. Essentially, we need to produce locally and consume more homemade products. After all, mothers cooking is the best.

As a Kenyan University student I am constantly stunned at the ideas that my fellow classmates and the general student population comes up with. They are brimming with ideas, be it in the creative genres or within the business block. I was initially flabbergasted to see the immense number of students who hold full-time jobs and cater for their own education, attending evening and Saturday lectures. In fact I shared a class with a lady who was married, had a child and was pursuing a Bachelors in marketing too. This simply shows us how hard-working the youth of Kenya is and the desire for education and progress which majority of us harbor.

So dear Mr.President I am not going to ask that you visit my home for some ugali, chapati, githeri or sukuma wiki. I will ask that you aid in fulfilling the dreams of young Kenyan entrepreneurs who are deserving of all the help you can give. No my begging bowl is not out stretched because I know my country can function self-sufficiently. But your experience, motivation, infrastructural support and promotion can do wonders. Do enjoy the smooth roads and patches of newly laid grass which have been curated for your eyes to see. Kenya is beautiful. But it is not just the roads that make it so, it is the people who have paved them.

My Take

When inspiration strikes

The sun was high up in the sky sending down showers of hot, golden light as I sat here a few hours ago, typing away a poem which was on my mind. I clicked on the “Publish” button and an orange circle immediately appeared over the little bell icon symbolising notifications. WordPress congratulated me for publishing a certain number of posts thus far. Wow! And how!?

I began my venture into the blogosphere roughly two months ago. Today I viewed my blog and saw the archives had a folder for May, June and July 2015, summing up my time in this virtual world. Having already shared with you my journey with writing ( https://maalikakazia.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/word/ ), I would like to tell you more about where I stand today.


In the beginning, I found writing a blog very daunting indeed. There are Kenyan bloggers who receive awards at ceremonies for their work and blogs which have millions of followers. Would I be able to hack it was the question in my mind. One evening I just signed up with WordPress, pausing the over thinking button which has been inbuilt in my brain. I named my blog and put on my explorer boots. The world of WordPress was awaiting. Post after post came to my mind as I went about my days. Inspiration struck hard and heavy taking its own sweet time. Topics would float into my thoughts and I jotted them down onto a sticky note which is ever open on the desktop of my laptop. I have come to realise that writing a blog is actually my way of gaining confidence in the words which I have to give. This blog is my trial, my error, my teacher and my friend. It is a helping hand, a guide and a diary too. I think it helps me grow a lot more than I help it! Truly, my creative spirit has found a home.

My journey would not have been as fruitful without advice I read on other blogs or the WordPress “blogging101” forum which taught me the coolest tricks and tips. Also, just spending time exploring different themes (I have probably changed mine 28 times now), widgets, color schemes and more became an obsession at some point. I am very satisfied with the look for now! It was well worth all the hours and trials.


Fortunately and unfortunately I am going into the last year of my undergraduate degree studies in Journalism. This is great because I am closer to completing my education and stepping into the “real world”. In all honesty this one makes me excited but nervous. Unfortunately, the assignments are piling up like a stack of banana’s which are ripened and ready to rot. This monkey is not hungry! With all this happening and work too, it is tougher to carve out time to blog. There are so many ideas on my sticky note which are awaiting execution. I do intend to do each one justice in time.

Well, enough procrastination. That presentation is not going to make itself! Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to all those who follow my blog and view it. I intend to keep writing and growing, bringing you better things by and by.

I will see you next when inspiration strikes again!





Spin and spin

You’re the blood that flows in my veins

A constant thud of life.  Ever sounding

You’re the beat that keeps my heart pounding

A dancer I am to your every word

Whispered and screamed

You are the potter and I am your clay

Spin and spin. There I go, spinning away

Let me not be your Queen or pronounce you my King

For there is nothing like hierarchy in love, Darling

So let us spin up a pot of gold

Fill it with tokens of desire – that is our treasure trove

Let the rainbow glower above our love

Spreading colors of joy

Take my hand dear potter, as I am your clay

Spin and spin. There I go, spinning away


Maya – Chapter 2

Catalus looked at his daughter in alarm at first but his expression gradually turned to one of superior resignation.

“No Maya. No. There is no other option. They have gone too far and must suffer the consequences. They breed nothing but a hunger for power and thirst for wealth. In their “infinite superiority” they have forgotten the Father and his bounties. What have they achieved? Nothing. They may think that their so-called science and technology has earned them the right to call themselves wise and powerful but they are sorely mistaken. Their fickle inventions have barely scraped the surface of how much power can be harnessed and unearthed from the universe. And what is it that their machines help them do? Connect with one another at a superficial level? All these things are just to make their lives easier – to help them do menial tasks which they are now too lazy to perform. They have used natural selection to churn out more and more dim-witted, wealth-obsessed and shallow beings of their own race.

Sweet Mother Nature provides green vitality and abundance yet these fools seek rocks and soil to satisfy their desires. Concrete caves are all they construct, without giving a second thought to the greenery they eradicate in order to do this. If they were half as intelligent as they thought they are, then they would turn to Mother Nature’s bounties and use those to satisfy their insatiable need for energy. They are far too stupid to be able to understand how much pure and raw power can be harnessed from a simple blade of grass. The have taken her gifts, her kindness and her patience for granted – and now she is paying the price. But soon… they will. That is the cyclic nature of the universe my child. The actions you take towards all things shall transpire upon you eventually too. That is the way of the universe and the will of the Father.

Mother Nature is the Supreme in charge of planet earth. She has done everything in her power in order to make it a planet which can be comfortably inhabited. She wove the atmosphere with its many layers around the planet. She filled it with water and land. She did so much to take care of all the creatures the Father chose to place on this planet. Yet – look at them. Ungrateful, insolent and foolish beings! Humans are nothing but a curse that has marred Earth. Nothing but a curse. They have no sense and no conviction. They lack patience and resignation. They are nothing but a bunch of audacious creatures who have earned what is destined for them – and that it all.”

“But father –”

“No Maya. It is a fate sealed.”

Maya returned to her chambers walking with no certain zeal or direction. As she sat on her bed all she could think of were her friends. What of kind Charles and sweet, sweet Magdalene? What of their dreams? What of their lives? Her soul panted with pain as she imagined their dead, pale faces lying in a heap upon the earth’s surface. No this could not happen – she wouldn’t let it. Amaseela would know what to do and Maya would have to find her mother and convince her that the humans deserved a chance. Just one more chance.

Meanwhile, the blue planet floated on, peacefully unaware.