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World Environment Day

Today is the 5th of June 2015 and on this day over 100 countries across the globe celebrate World Environment Day.


As she lies there crouched upon a flaming desert,

No end doth her eyes assert.

A battered soul and a crumpled heart for company;

A tormented being and a shattered life for comradry.

Her eyes speak a thousand words,

Pouring forth eons of reserve.

Pain encompasses her at every turn,

Everyone screaming for her to burn.

The soft silk of the Earth – upturned.

The soothing shimmer of the ocean – burned.

The crisp current of the air – tainted.

The ferocious fire of humanity – depleted.

Can you hear her lamenting?

Mother Nature is grieving.

Grieving for her Earth, grieving for her children.

Grieving because of their birth, grieving because of their insolence.

By Maalika Kazia


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