New Beginnings

I have made a plan, and I feel like I need to write it down.

Sail the sea’s I shall, and span the oceans wide untill I am nowhere to be found.

Dig myself deep into the ground and bury the person I was yesterday.

Come up for a breath of fresh air, new and ready for today.

Forget the past and let it rot in the broils of the ocean floor.

Rise up to gulp the cold air rushing down my brow.

For I am nothing but a speckle of flesh in this big wide world we call home.

Let me not get airs about myself,Β 

for I am nothing compared to the expanse of the Universe – which I can never hold.

Let me be free in my mind and roam the earth untill it is time to say goodbye.

Let me live another day, without a care about what they will say.

Let me breathe one more time, the air that is so divine.

Let me live without a doubt, knowing that today? Today is mine.

By Maalika Kazia


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